around the world: india


Indian elephant masks

These Ganesh masks were made using large, paper plates.  I did the initial prep which involved cutting out eye holes using a craft knife, cutting out trunk and ear shapes from card and then stapling everything into position.  I also made holes either side of the plate for tying elastic.  Of course, most upper KS2 children would be able to do this themselves and lower KS2 could do so with some support.

The children started by painting the whole mask in one bright base colour and then added Indian inspired patterns using gold, silver and brightly coloured paints and a fine brush.

Once dry, further decoration can be added using metallic pens and papers.




The same children also created these sweet Indian elephants using air drying clay.  They decorated  them with buttons, beads, sequins and ribbon (which can be pinned in place) before the clay had dried.




This Year 4 display features work that children produced during a topic on India. They created these watercolour paintings of India’s national bird, the  peacock. They also produced the forest backdrop using the wax resist technique.  This involved drawing plants with wax candles onto a large roll of paper and then painting over the top with watercolours.  They went on to add extra detail using oil pastels on both wet and dry sections of the work. ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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