artists: matisse


Tree of Life by Henri Matisse

I worked with a Year 3 class to create this stained glass-effect window, inspired by Matisse’s Tree of Life.

solar panel 1

Each child cut brightly coloured tissue paper into nature inspired shapes and carefully stuck them onto a white sheet with a paint brush and PVA glue mixed with water.

Once the pieces were dry, the children glued a silver card frame on top and I trimmed the edges using a craft knife. Each piece was then taped at the back to make a large scale panel.

Our piece was entered into a competition run by Friends of the Earth to win a solar panel for the school.  For more images of the process, and to see us in action, go to:


These paper cut out collages, also inspired by Matisse,  were created by KS1 and KS2 children.


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