History: Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptian collars


Year 5 children created these collars to wear during an ancient Egyptian class assembly.

Very simple to make, take a large paper plate and cut out a hole for the neck and a gap at the back.

The children looked at pictures of ancient Egyptian collars and necklaces and these inspired the designs that they created using watercolour paints.


Once dry, they added glitter glues for some extra bling!


Life size sarcophagi!

Year 5 worked in groups of 6 to create these life-size, mixed media, sarcophagi/sarcophaguses!

Take one child and get them to lie on a long, thick strip of paper. Get other children in their group to draw around them. Divide up the shape into 6 equal parts and, using thin, small candles, ask the children to draw designs inspired by hieroglyphics and ancient Egyptian coffins.


The children then use watercolour paints to paint over the wax with bright, colourful designs.  Make sure that lots of paint is applied as this will ensure that the wax really shows up.egypt 3

Finally, give the children oil pastels to add more detail to their designs.

egypt 4

Papyrus designs 

I ordered this papyrus online, although you can make your own version from scratch of course!

My class created these sacred animal designs using black pens and pastels.



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