history: battle of hastings



Recreating the Bayeux tapestry with Year 1 felt like rather a tall order!

However, the children found the tapestry fascinating and, by breaking it down into simple steps, it was surprisingly straightforward.












We began by studying sections of the tapestry and drawing details, such as the shapes on a suit of armour or a horse’s mane.  I found lots of colouring pages online (see below)which were hugely helpful.


The children then selected a figure and, with the help of an adult, drew around it onto fabric and cut it out.  They went on to cut out shape details from scraps of fabric and stuck them onto their figure with PVA glue.


I used my glue gun to attach all the figures onto a large square of hessian. It made for an eye-catching classroom display and the children were thrilled by the final piece!