History: Stone Age

Stone Age Cave Paintings

Inspired by the cave paintings at Lascaux, the children in my Year 5 class created their own Stone Age art.  I asked them firstly to screw up an A2 piece of brown or orange sugar paper, and then flatten it out again, to create a rocky surface.  They then used pastels to draw animals that would have been hunted during Stone Age times.

cave painting 3

Finally, they placed their hands around the corners of their art work and I sprayed watered down paint over the top. This gave an interesting hand print effect, as found in some Stone Age art.

Cave painting 2

Cave painting 1

cave painting 4

Clay tools

The children used plastic knives to carve clay into Stone Age tool shapes as found in the Palaeolithic and Neolithic ages.

tools black

Neolithic tools were more sophisticated, with handles, so my pupils went to our school garden to collect good sticks to attach to their ‘flints’ with string.

tools orange