History: The Tudors

Tudor Roses and Royal Self-Portraits


My year 5 class have just begun to learn all about The Tudors, one of my favourite periods in history!   We kicked off by learning about the marriage of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York which began the Tudor dynasty, as represented by the Tudor Rose.


We created Tudor roses by drawing and cutting out card templates of each section of the rose (larger and smaller petals x 5, larger and smaller leaves x 5 plus a circle for the centre).  I provided those children who struggle with drawing accurately, a template to work from.

I then provided the children with a wide range of red, white, green and gold fabrics, papers and cards to cut out and glue onto a large, circular card base.

If we’d have had time I’d have asked my more gifted artists to embroider decoration into their roses…next time!

We then studied portraits of the key members of the Tudor royal family.


The children downloaded black and white photos of themselves using the Paint computer program for children and added Tudor costumes and other details to transform themselves into Tudor Kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses.  I was amazed by their attention to detail and we were all thrilled with the results!


 To complete the family tree display, children made feather quills and wrote the name of their character in Tudor style writing using ink, to go alongside short biographies they had written.