history: the victorians


This is a work of art that a Year 3 class created when they were studying ‘The Victorians’.

We had been learning about the growth of factories, child labour and Victorian inventions, all stemming from the Industrial Revolution.

During an art lesson, we looked at the insides of Victorian machinery and created these ‘cogs and wheels’ designs using oil and chalk pastels on strips of black paper.



I put these designs together to create an eye catching display.  Some of the children also cut out additional cogs onto card, painted them with metallic paints and attached them to the display using strips of thick card to give a 3D effect.
























Thanks to Belair’s Creative History book for this idea!






















The same pupils took it in turns to add different types of collage to large scale Victoria and Albert outlines  (I drew and roughly painted these first so that the children knew which colours to put where).

Layered pink and white tissue was used for the skin, cut up black tights for Albert’s jacket and an old pair of ear muffs for his side burns!



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