skills: marbling


Marbling could not be more simple.  It is very messy though…the inks are very oily and  can stain clothes and hands. However, I think it’s worth it for the results that you get.

All you need are marbling inks, a tray of water,  cartridge paper and a few tools such as combs and paint brushes.

Start by adding drops of ink to the water and experimenting with pattern making by mixing in the inks in different ways, using the tools.

Once ready, you gently place the paper on top of the ink so that it is floating on the water.  You will see the ink gradually taking to the paper.

When colour has seeped into all sections of the paper, lift it up with care, and bingo!

It’s all very exciting!!


I worked with a group of Year 4 children to produce work for an art exhibition which celebrated the life of aviator, Bessie Coleman.  Our marbled papers became dramatic skies and we added silhouette skylines and Bessie’s plane, using black card.